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Media24, August 2017

OMA Happenings - July 2019. Read more

Varonline, July 2018

OMA EMIRATES announces the total acquisition of Moroccan company Business Rules Solutions (BRS), of which the Group was a majority stakeholder since 2015.For over 20 years they have been developing a diversified portfolio of state of the art solutions for card personalization, payment issuance and acquiring systems, loyalty programs, digital banking solutions, etc. Read more

Media24, August 2017

The Moroccan company Business Rules Solutions (BRS) and its majority shareholder, OMA Emirates, Sharjah-based payment technology provider, announce this April 19, via a press release, a strategic partnership. Both companies, specialized in the development of electronic payment solutions, would like to tackle this rapprochement, the African market. Read more

Le Matin, August 2017

Eager to seize these enormous opportunities, several international companies have met in the Ocher City, like the OMA Emirates Group, majority shareholder since 2015 of the Moroccan company Business Rules Solutions (BRS). Africa is a strong source of growth and its banking system has gained a lot of performance in the last two decades, said Group CEO, Niranj Sangal. "Through this participation, we intend to reinforce the ambitions of the Group to make Morocco a stepping stone to the other countries of the continent, especially as the Kingdom has been able to establish a political framework of privileged cooperation with its African peers", a- he explained. Read more

Media24, August 2017

Given that Morocco's current strategy aligns with the implementation of the reforms and infrastructure needed to promote mobile payments, we are offering our MPOS mobile payment tool to provide flexible and secure mobility across segments. Read more

Anfaspress, September 2017

أعلنت مجموعة أوما – الامارات وهي شركة ممولة لحلول الدفع مقرها الشارقة بالإمارات العربية المتحدة، عن إطلاق أحد حلولها التكنولوجية عبر فرعها بالمغرب. « Easy Reconcile » انه نظام ذكي و متطور لمعالجة معطيات معاملات الدفع الالكتروني يمكن من تحيين و مطابقة البيانات الصادرة عن مختلف النظم المتدخلة في هذه المعاملات و يشمل مجال تدخل التطبيق كافة وسائل وقنوات الأداء الالكتروني بما في ذلك الصرافات الآلية، أجهزة الدفع لذا الباعة، الانترنيت و الهواتف النقالة. Read more


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