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  • Switch


    NanoSwitch is a modular, integrated and extensible platform of the latest generation for the implementation of turnkey payment solution. NanoSwitch is native EMV and complies with security standards including PCI-DSS. Due to its modularity, NanoSwitch covers the needs of operators of various sizes and trades. It is particularly adapted to:

    • Banks of various sizes and organizations
    • Electronic banking centers
    • Treatment centers
    • Telecom Operators
    • Distributors of goods and services
    • Merchants
    NanoSwitch covers the requirements for issuing, acquiring, switching, connecting and controlling electronic banking activities. In the same installation, NanoSwitch manages several institutions (center, bank, agency, operators, and international network) with the total separation between the data of each.

  • EasyATM

    Based on the CEN / XFS standard and the SNMP protocol, EasyATM is a monitoring platform suitable for any organization with self-service terminals from various manufacturers and operating in various service areas including banking (ATMs, cash dispensers and currency exchangers), transportation (ticket vending machines) and information (kiosks).
    EasyATM differs from other supervision solutions through:

    • Standards (CEN / XFS, SNMP)
    • Multi-vendor
    • Multi-bank
    • Multi-language
    • Autonomous (agents provided) and independent of other electronic systems
    • Reporting: Recovered directly from the source (XFS Terminal Services)
    • Saver in IS resources
    • Remote control
    • Geographical dimension

  • Easy Reconcile

    EasyReconcile allows you to integrate from different sources, upstream and downstream of the electronic payment system, the data generated by the different systems involved in payment transactions. The solution allows the establishment of a system that:

    • Provides a flexible and powerful reconciliation platform
    • Reduces the time, cost and inconvenience of reconciling the entire electronic payment chain
    • Reconciles, in a single platform, all transactions from different payment networks
    • Improves customer service by providing accurate and timely information
    • Reduce internal / external fraud

  • E-Voucher & E-TopUp

    OMA BRS provides all the necessary components to set up distribution solutions for Telco operator’s recharges on various acquisition channels (POSs, ATMs and Internet) in two modes:

    E-Voucher: The points of sale distribute recharge codes, in the form of tickets, which are then used by the customer to recharge his mobile using the services provided by his Telco operator. This is the same solution used for the distribution of all types of coupons and tickets.

    E-TopUp: The customer orders and pays for the refill at a point of sale by specifying the target phone number and the system transmits the request to the Telco operator in real time, which recharges the mobile instantly.

  • G-Inv

    G-Inv is a turnkey inventory solution for fixed assets that includes:

    • The G-Inv software
    • The material and consumable printing labels
    • TSP terminals for reading barcodes

    Its main characteristics are as follows:

    • Web Architecture: G-Inv is a full web application based on the LAMP standard that guarantees platform independence, unparalleled performance and zero impact on endpoints.
    • Standard database: As standard, G-Inv is implemented on MySql which is a flexible and robust database.
    • Operating system independence: G-Inv works on all standard operating systems: Windows, Linux and Unix


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